The Random Game Era Begins

The Random Game Era Begins

Before and after I started a new job in March, my gaming time and interest plummeted to nothing, so I commenced a period of short gaming sessions of mainly free games and demos which continues to this very day.

Valheim - Snap Judgment. The hot new game every MMORPG player is (or was) raving about, but I didn’t see what all the fuss was about. (I returned it after finishing this video.) The first of many random games I played during a time period of adjusting to a new job and a new recording setup. Recorded 2/28/2021.

Outriders Demo Pt 1/2 - Snap Judgment. A nonsensical mashup of story genres, with unoriginal gameplay. Yet another AAA title we’ve all played before. Recorded 2/28/2021.

Outriders Demo Pt 2/2 - Snap Judgment. A second look at a nonsensical mashup of story genres, with unoriginal gameplay, this time in short pants. Mainly this was recorded not to play the game, but to test a Corsair headset. (The Corsair headset is awful.) Recorded 3/6/2021.

Halcyon 6 Lightspeed Edition - Snap Judgment. A deceptively complex space game in a visually simplistic package. It was way more complicated to learn than I wanted to deal with so I only played for a short time, but it might be worth going back to someday when I have more mental energy. Recorded 3/7/2021.

Sunless Sea Pt 1/2 - Snap Judgment. Looks like a top-down Victorian steamer ship combat sort of game, but it’s really a choose-your-own-adventure story game. A lot more about rats and guinea pigs than you might think. Recorded 3/8/2021.

Sunless Sea Pt 2/2 - Snap Judgment. You guessed it, I only continued playing Sunless Sea to test another new headset. Recorded 3/10/2021.

Surviving Mars - Snap Judgment. A nifty base-building and/or city-building style of game, but also a micromanagement simulator game which I can only deal with for short periods of time. Recorded 3/13/2021.

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