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  • Pillars of Eternity Video Adventures. 2021-04-04.

    Video adventures uploaded in the last week or so.

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  • The End of Pillars of Eternity. 2021-04-11.

    At last, the Pillars of Eternity series comes to an end.

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  • The Random Game Era Begins. 2021-04-18.

    Before and after I started a new job in March, my gaming time and interest plummeted to nothing, so I commenced a period of short gaming sessions of mainly free games and demos which continues to this very day.

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  • Free Stadia Game Phase. 2021-04-25.

    And now we move into videos of games I’ve played during a Free Two-Month Stadia Pro Trial phase (which I got from someone at my new job). There are a whole lot of free games to click on and play with a Stadia subscription, but the down side is that 99% of them are games you’ve never heard of before.

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  • Finding a Headset. 2021-05-01.

    Finding a microphone that can also be used for content creation (aka. makin’ vidyas) in a noisy room is challenging.

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  • Another Week of Stadia Games. 2021-05-02.

    Another week of playing strange games for free with a free trial of Stadia Pro. It’s really a fantastic system for trying out new games quickly. The technology is very cool. The sticking point is who pays for it, and how much this luxurious convenience is worth to a consumer.

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  • Scripted Twitch Streaming. 2021-05-06.

    How to stream a local video file to Twitch with ffmpeg.

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  • Amazon Luna Also Streams Games. 2021-05-09.

    Since I was experimenting with Stadia, it seemed fitting to try out Amazon Luna for comparison. It was only a seven day free trial, though. Also, it was noticeably worse quality than Stadia. Also, you have to pay for an early access subscription. Also, it had far less good games available for free. In summary, not a lot of pros with Amazon Luna.

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  • Firewatch Week. 2021-05-16.

    Firewatch and other games I’m currently playing: ie. The Surge, Hellpoint, and Greedfall.

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  • What Used To Be Controversial. 2021-05-23.

    The end of my streak of miscellaneous one-off videos.

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  • The Surge Begins. 2021-06-01.

    The 42-part adventure in The Surge begins, a game that was fun except for the boss fights, and the last zone, which was an ordeal to finish.

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  • The Surge - Central Production B. 2021-06-09.

    The continuing adventures of Warren rending his way through his first day on the job at CREO.

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  • The Surge - Resolve Biolabs. 2021-06-16.

    The continuing adventures of Warren hacking and slashing his way through the Resolve Biolabs to reach his ultimate goal of … who knows? Warren doesn’t really have any motivation. Just an unquenchable thirst for hacking up robots and zombies. (Though he might have a secret backstory.)

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  • The Surge - Research and Development. 2021-06-28.

    The continuing adventures of Warren on his first day on the job at CREO. We’ve now reached the point in the story where I no longer remember what happened, didn’t write anything down, and don’t have enough time to re-watch the videos to figure it out. Soooooo. Yeah. Vague, one-sentence summaries!

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  • The Sound of Your Own Voice. 2021-07-06.

    I saw a tweet the other day that reminded me of a topic of interest to me for decades, and I’m almost positive I’ve never written a blog post about this, so it’s finally something new to write about: The sound of your own recorded voice.

  • The Surge - The End. 2021-07-08.

    It’s the last stretch for The Surge, as Warren finishes out his first day on the job. I hated the last zone in The Surge (the Nucleus) so much I almost uninstalled the game with only a couple hours left to play, but I powered through it because I’d gone too far to throw away so many videos. :)

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  • YouTube and Twitter APIs. 2021-09-02.

    An automated YouTube upload script is now working. Hopefully.

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