Hi! I’m an old reclusive Gen-X software developer who writes about games or projects I’m working on or what’s happening in the world. Not AI-generated since 2012, despite what ZeroGPT says. Except the images. :)

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

372 words.

I mentioned Kruggsmash a while back. In one of his videos, he plays a game called Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead. (372 words.)

Intentions - Blaugust Deep Dream Journal Part 9

356 words.

In the dream, I came upon a statue of a one-armed woman holding a child. I asked her, “How come we judge ourselves by the actions we take but not by our intentions?” (356 words.)

Gaming Pet Peeves

310 words.

Just some random gaming pet peeves I wrote down once. (310 words.)

Shingles Vaccine Completed

233 words.

It’s 8 PM and I’m exhausted, so it’s far too late for me to write a post tonight, except this one. (233 words.)

Kruggsmash Dwarf Fortress Videos

291 words.

It’s creator appreciation week here in Blaugust, and by coincidence, I just happen to have one to mention. (291 words.)

Dwarf Fortress - Limulitred

453 words.

A brief recounting of the dwarf fortress of Limulitred, “Goldbuff,” in the world of The Eternal Everseeing Dimensions. Updated with illustrations by DALL-E. (453 words.)

Those New MMOs

255 words.

I heard talk about a couple of new MMOs, Tower of Fantasy, and one other one which disappeared so fast I can’t even remember the name of it. (255 words.)

Sustaining Creativity Day After Day

275 words.

When I started Blaugust with a creative writing idea, I failed to account for how draining spontaneous creativity is day in and day out. (275 words.)

Dwarf Fortress Again

639 words.

Okay, yes, fine, I downloaded Dwarf Fortress again. (639 words.)

Unexpected Coyotes

309 words.

Here’s something I didn’t expect to be writing about today. (309 words.)

FFXV - Story Summary

1,039 words.

Herein I will attempt to summarize the main story of Final Fantasy XV, so that I remember how insane it was, years from now. (1039 words.)

Code Vein

396 words.

A stylish but ultimately very frustrating experience. (396 words.)