A new blog post series idea.

What's Top of Mind

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What's Top of Mind

A new blog post series idea.

The title of this post is a direct quote from a corporate email I get every work day. You all are woefully out-of-date with your ironic corporate tech lingo speak, so I thought I would try to educate you.

“Hydration” is another big one right now, and I don’t mean water. If you’re not using the word “hydration” in your technical presentations, you’re obsolete.

Top Of Mind also happens to work for this series of posts I was thinking about doing. The series is, you know, top of mind.

If you’re interested in statistics and success, blog posts should always be written as an answer to a potential Google search query, but this series definitely won’t be. I thought I’d try the radical new idea of writing down what’s on my mind at any given time.

Carefully censored so as not to provoke any positive or negative feelings, of course, because this is the Internet, after all, and we must be bland to survive. Biting social commentary must be hidden in coded messages, like Galileo’s Dialogue and old-timey science fiction used to do, before we became so enlightened.

Normally I would do that on Twitter, where it’s fast and easy and convenient, and it doesn’t have to be a Google search result, but ostensibly bloggers are supposed to write blog posts now and then. I have to have some justification for owning a domain name.

Anyway, I was going to put a bunch of these top of mind thoughts into one long post, but I’m going to continue trying to disrupt blogging traditions and make them individual short posts, like I did in Blaugust. (I also happen to believe every blog post should contain exactly one topic, if possible.)

I also was going to actually put something that was top of mind into this post, but I see this post is already running long on talking about the idea for the series, so my progress report on reading in 2022 will have to wait until next time. Cliffhanger!

Now to deal with the picture problem. AI art generation is great and all but I still can’t just press one button and magically have a picture appear out of thin air at the top of this post while I’m typing in this text editor. I need to make a generic “this post doesn’t have a picture, deal with it” picture.

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