It’s the last day of Blaugust, so I’ll now present my summary findings to the jury.

Blaugust Tallies

343 wc

Blaugust Tallies

It’s the last day of Blaugust, so I’ll now present my summary findings to the jury.

This is very convenient because it means I don’t have to write a post tonight. It’s like having a day off!

  • 32 posts published in total
  • 31 posts tagged for Blaugust
  • Roughly 12,000 words published (not including this one)
  • 65 git commits to the blog repository
  • 66 new images added to the S3 bucket
  • 20+ pre-generated header images unused
  • 6.88 GB of image data transferred
  • 46,937 total requests for image data
  • ~3.5 GB of non-image data transferred*
  • ~908,000 requests for non-image data*

* Rough guess because AWS Amplify doesn’t show totals

More subjective measurements:

  • 13 posts rushed out the door
  • 10 posts sticking to the original Blaugust writing plan
  • 6 posts yanked directly from old, unfinished drafts
  • 5 posts I definitely wouldn’t have published if it weren’t Blaugust
  • 3 posts about nothing whatsoever
  • 2 posts accidentally containing the same topic
  • 2 posts I got unexpectedly emotional while writing

And the number of posts I might have published if it had been any other month but Blaugust? Maybe 4 or 5.

It would be interesting to compare these findings to last year’s, which turned out fairly similar to this one. I think last year I also started out trying to do one thing, immediately abandoned that plan, and winged it the rest of the way.

Incidentally, I setup a new Hugo taxonomy called “moods” so I can tag posts based loosely on my mood at the time of writing, so I can keep track of these sorts of subjective measurements.

It occurs to me I never used any Blaugust hashtags. Part of that was because there’s no universal standard way of tagging a blog post with a Twitter hashtag. All my blog tweets were automated and I didn’t have any way to inspect the blog post to see if it was Blaugust-related to add an appropriate hashtag.

Tagging and categorizing blog posts, incidentally, is a full-time job. Start early. And don’t forget your category links are permalinks too.

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