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  • Code Vein. 2022-08-09.

    A stylish but ultimately very frustrating experience.

    • Gaming
    396 words
  • FFXV - Story Summary. 2022-08-10.

    Herein I will attempt to summarize the main story of Final Fantasy XV, so that I remember how insane it was, years from now.

    • Gaming
    1,039 words
  • Common Tasks in Movie Studio Platinum and DaVinci Resolve. 2022-08-13.

    A reference for myself of common tasks I do in video editors.

    • Blog
    822 words
  • Those New MMOs. 2022-08-15.

    I heard talk about a couple of new MMOs, Tower of Fantasy, and one other one which disappeared so fast I can’t even remember the name of it.

    • Gaming
    • MMORPG
    255 words
  • Gaming Pet Peeves. 2022-08-20.

    Just some random gaming pet peeves I wrote down once.

    • Gaming
    310 words
  • Lost Ark and Chimeraland. 2022-08-30.

    Brief comments on a couple of MMOs I played for a little while.

    • Gaming
    398 words