Weeklies – ESO, SWL

302 words.

Yikes, April is almost over already.

I finished Secret World Legends’ Red Sun, Black Sand and left Egypt behind. I’m taking a break for a while.

This past weekend I decided to try to play through the Morrowind content in ESO. It took four tries, but I finally got past the first meeting with Vivec and into the rest of the story. (I had a hard time finding a character I wanted to play.) I knew reports had indicated it was short, but I was still a bit surprised to finish the entire Morrowind expansion story in 5 1/2 hours*. As per usual, I recorded everything and it will probably end up on my YouTube channel. I’m also working on a post about it.

Some details about Final Fantasy XIV 4.3 are now available from the live letter. Unfortunately none of these details sound particularly interesting or relevant to me (besides the continuing MSQ). It won’t drop until after my subscription ends anyway.

Secret World Legends got a new lead and he’s looking for ideas. I’m all for community feedback but I’d rather see the incoming game lead give a solid vision for the future of the game under his watch, instead of, “Hey what do you want to see?”

Lord of the Rings Online’s 11th Anniversary starts today. I didn’t mention this last week, when all of the news articles came out, because the actual anniversary is this week. As I do with most MMORPGs, I anticipate taking advantage of the free giveaways by forgetting to log in for any of it. (I did not remember the ESO cake thing until the day after it ended.)

* Compare and contrast with the FFXIV Stormblood expansion, for which I paid the exact same $40 and recorded 44 hours of video, excluding dungeons.

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