Kitchen Sink Post #6

318 wc

_I’m still tinkering with the formula for this weekly “bullet post” thing. Now I feel like I should include news items and any interesting progress I’ve made on games I’m playing.


ESO… always seems better in screenshots.

I started the week playing some FFXIV, trying to work on improving my gear with Rabanastre runs and Omega 4.0 runs.

Then I started playing ESO, trying to find what it was that everyone keeps saying that they love about that game. I was determined to level my original launch Templar from 44 to 50, hoping that’s when everything would suddenly click again. I got to 47, but I remain baffled. I’m working on a post titled, “Why can’t I get back into ESO?” I hear what people say about how they think the questing is some of the best storytelling in MMORPGs, but I just stare blankly wondering if we are even talking about the same game or speaking the same language.

Anyway, I dropped ESO like a hot potato after I succumbed to an impulse to buy Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and that ended my involvement in MMORPGs and indeed most of the real world. I thought about writing a review, but it’s a controversial game due to the “realistic” portrayal of 1403 Bohemia. I’ll just say it’s not a game for everyone, both in terms of story and gameplay, and you should do research before buying it. If you want to know more I’m sure you can find plenty of other folks stirring up the angry mob (see: Gevlon).

RIFT Prime is launching March 7. Preorder now! Get extra goodies that will instantly nullify the entire point of starting on a level playing field on a progression server! I don’t think it’s worth the effort, and I predict a lot of blog posts coming with the general theme of, “It’s not at all like playing RIFT in 2011.”

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