MMO Roundup #10

306 words.

A weekly diary of MMO news and observations.

Secret World Legends, the League of Monster Slayers tree house

In my last roundup I said that Secret World Legends wasn’t The Next Big Thing. This week I made a new Templar Sword/Elementalist and now suddenly the game looks fresh and interesting and exciting again. It just goes to show how much a tiny change in play style can make a huge difference in one’s perception of a game.

Sea of Thieves launched this week. Oddly enough, Sea of Thieves’s much-maligned character creator sounds like the one part of this game that I would like the most: I often use the “random” buttons in MMORPG character creators until I get something I like, both for appearance and name.

Star Trek Online announced a Deep Space Nine-themed expansion for June. The last time I played STO, I really enjoyed it (probably due to an insane XP boost), but for some reason, I still never think to install or play this game.

In yet another surprise announcement that was spoiled weeks (months?) early, ESO’s next expansion will take place in Summerset Isles. (One day I’m going to write a post about “data mining.”) I personally have no clue what or where that is, even though I’ve played Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, and ESO. Apparently High Elves hail from there. Presumably their land will have been devastated and everyone’s family will have been killed.

RIFT Prime increased quest experience threefold! It’s too late for me to come back, but that sounds exactly like what I expected from the beginning. ‘Twould be nice if they would give me seven days of Patron time back, but I suspect they are counting on all the 15-day Patron people to buy more time based on this news, considering it dropped almost exactly on the 15th day.

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