WoW – $60 Seems Reasonable

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I don’t have a problem with Blizzard’s $60 for a level 90 character. It’s within reach, but high enough to keep it from being an impulse buy (for me, at least). I think I would only pay to level a brand new character. It seems like a waste of money to take a mid-level or higher character up to 90.

If you’re a person who can play all day and night, I could see where $60 seems high, because you can probably level a character to 90 within a month of subscription time, which is $15 I think. Even I could probably level a character to 90 in less than four months, which is $60 of subscription time. (Not counting 3-month discounts.)

But let’s face it. At this point, leveling in WoW is not fun. There are no Instant Adventures. There are no FATEs or Rifts or Dynamic events or Zone events. There are no potions to increase your experience gains. There are no shortcuts for the long, long running times from the quest hubs to the quest areas. There are no new zones or mobs that we haven’t seen a hundred times before. (But, okay, there are Battle Pets.)

I will refrain from commenting on what it means to have a wildly popular game that is so objectionable that people will pay to skip playing it, though.

At this moment I don’t think I’ll be buying Warlords of Draenor at launch, whenever that is, because I haven’t ever gotten a WoW expansion at launch, and I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything. ESO and WildStar are considerably more interesting to me right now than another WoW expansion. Even FFXIV patches are more interesting to me, to be honest. WoW will still be here years from now; there’s always going to be time to play it. ESO and WildStar? You never know.

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