FFXIV – Ding! 50 White Mage

270 words.

Hrm, well, this is the first day I haven’t had a workday post scheduled in advance in a long time, and I can’t find anything among my Drafts that is both finished and interesting.

I can report the fascinating news that I reached White Mage level 50 in FFXIV last night. I had been buying Darklight Healing gear for a while, so I was able to quickly jump from around item level ~40 to item level ~60 in a span of moments. I only need to buy the Darklight robe to complete that set, then it’s off to Crystal Tower to farm iLevel 80 gear.

I think I cheated a little bit in getting from level 35 to 50. I basically stopped doing dungeons appropriate to my level, and just did a low-level Duty Roulette every day. Then I spent most of the rest of my time around Camp Dragonhead running around in FATE zergs, which are almost continuous in the evenings, and give out decent XP even when you’re synced down. So I haven’t healed any dungeons since Temple of Qarn. It probably wasn’t a good idea because now I’m nervous about attempting to heal anything at level 50.

Next I believe I’m going to level up Dragoon, which I now have around 35. It’s a fun class, especially since spear-wielders are pretty rare in MMOs. Given the incredibly long DPS queue times, I’ll probably spend a lot of my time in FATEs around Camp Dragonhead again.

Eventually I plan to screw my courage to the sticking place (or whatever that saying is) and start working on a tank.

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