WoW – Outlands Completed, Or At Least Left

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Due to a heat pump failure, my normal schedule of writing scintillating posts (ha!) was totally borked. But lucky for you, I found some posts that I have previously rejected as being totally lame and irrelevant, pulled from the dregs of the barrel of mediocrity.

My WoW Hunter has finally reached the level cap! Of Burning Crusade, that is. Which means he is now Level 70, a mere twenty levels and five years behind where everyone else is. I spent a weekend burning through quests (ha, get it?) in the Blade’s Edge Mountains and Netherstorm, and when I was nearing the end of level 69, I suddenly realized that it was pointless to finish the questing in the Outlands because the very first quests in Wrath of the Lich King would probably give me ridiculously awesome gear, higher experience, and more money. So I dropped everything and left.

I stopped by the flying trainer dude in Honor Hold on the way out, and finally bought the permits to let me fly in Azeroth and Northrend, which wiped out most of my money in one swipe (I am not very good at building wealth in MMOs). I also stopped to take a picture of the colorful, mismatching gear I had been wearing in Outlands, because I figured it would be gone soon. And I changed my hair style to celebrate the upcoming new era of my venerable old character from 2006. (He’s my oldest still-active MMO character. Well, the oldest one with a respectable level.)

Spending all my gold before leaving the Outlands

So after some Googling to find out where the Lich King was Wrathing, I went all the way back to Stormwind to catch a ship to Northrend. The very first quest it gave me was a flight to the hub city of Dalaran to bind at the inn, which I think is a new addition since the time the expansion was first released. I dinged 70 on the experience I got from discovering the city there.

Easiest level ever.

After that I got started on quests back in Valiance Keep. In the time it took to do enough quests to get a friendly reputation, most of my gear had been replaced by new, darker, broodier pieces. I was also about 3/4 of the way to level 71, amazingly enough. It sure is fast to level in WoW. :)

Didn't take long to replace my gear.

Since my subscription is almost expired for the time being, it’s likely that’s where my Hunter will stay until the next time I get an urge to subscribe. In my remaining days I think I will play with Battle Pets.

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