WoW – Who to Boost

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I am blatantly stealing TAGN’s post subject here, which is the question of who to boost to 90 for Warlords of Draenor. My situation is a lot different than his though, because I only play WoW when I’m really bored with other games, and my highest-level character has only recently broken into the Wrath of the Lich King era of the game.

Hunter? This was the second character I created when I started WoW in 2006, and my second-oldest surviving MMO character. (The first oldest is a warrior that I never play and should delete, but, well, he was my first WoW character.) He’s around level 72 now, having just left Outland for Northrend. It would be interesting to bump him up to 90, but then I would probably never experience any of that solo content between 72 and 90. I think I’ll pass on him.

Mage? My mage gnome was created in 2006 as well, and in 2013 I leveled him from below 20 to 55 exclusively using the LFG tool. I think this would be my leading candidate for bumping up to 90, because ranged DPS is a great “tourist” role when you want to look at group content, but not really have to work all that hard hehe. And in WoW, the queue times for playing DPS are actually tolerable, unlike, oh, every other MMO in the world.

Warlock? My undead Warlock is around 40, and I like him a lot, but I feel like he’s all alone because he can’t interact with my other mostly-Alliance characters. I don’t think I would boost this guy first, but he might be second if I get another chance at it.

The rest of my alts are at 25 or less, including two Warriors, a Druid, a Priest, a Shaman, and a Monk. Of those I would probably pick the Druid to boost simply because of his jack-of-all-trades capabilities, but he wouldn’t be first.

So there you have it. I guess Mage it is. I hope they do better damage at 90 than they do at 55.

As a relative newb in WoW, am I worried about jumping to 90 and suddenly having more skills than I know how to use? Am I afraid I’ll drag down the group because I don’t know what I’m doing? Actually no, not in WoW. Taking my Mage as an example, in group play I have used basically the exact same skills from 20 through 55. Spam a bolt until some other thing procs, then shoot that other thing. (It’s entirely possible that’s why my damage is bad, but I keep looking up guides and they all say that’s what I’m supposed to do.) In my limited experience it seems that each class is based around a “core” set of two or three abilities, and that never changes. So at 90 I only expect to have to learn maybe a couple of new abilities, if that.

(EQ2 is another story. I would be terrified to jump up to 85 in that game.)

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