WoW Progress Report

493 wc

I bought a 3-month subscription for WoW when I suddenly got interested in playing again. Now that I’m running out of interest, the subscription will be expiring in January. It’s obvious that game developers are not doing subscriptions anymore, but I have to say, it’s pretty awesome to play a game where you aren’t bothered with cash shops or gems or other alternate forms of cash-based currency.

Anyway, my highest-level character in WoW is a 66 Night Elf Hunter. I rolled him back in Vanilla WoW when a Hunter was just about the only way to go around soloing without spending all of your time either dead or healing between encounters. He’s still the guy I do all my solo questing with, but now it’s trivial beyond belief. I just mow down all the mobs in the Outlands like cutting grass with a butter knife. Or cutting butter with a scythe. Or something. It’s actually not very fun. I typically log in with him, finish a handful of quests, and then log out.

My second-highest level character is a 55 Gnome Mage. This is the main guy I’ve been playing lately because I wanted to experience some WoW dungeons and I just wanted to do simple ranged pew-pew. He’s gone from level 18 to 55 exclusively in dungeons. I find the Mage very frustrating to play though because I don’t seem to have very many useful abilities in a dungeon setting. My damage is weak, and the only other thing I can do is occasionally cast an interrupt or a remove a curse. Oh, and I can open a portal if someone asks.

My third-highest character is a 40 Undead Warlock with my favorite character name ever: Ravenslaw. (Read NOT like Raven’s Law, but like Raven-Slaw, as in coleslaw. I just find that name hilarious for some reason. It’s like an epic fail version of a heroic name like Lionheart or Starblazer. It fits the generally comedic nature of the Forsaken perfectly.) I find him highly amusing to play, and warlocks are kind of fun overall.

The rest of my alts are around level 20-25, including a Draeni Priest, a Worgen Warrior, a Human Warrior, a Tauren Shaman, and a Night Elf Druid. Oh, and I have a Panda Monk that I’ve leveled all the way to … 6.

The biggest thing I hate about WoW is the generally terrible UI. There have been so many advancements in MMO interfaces that it’s hard to live without them. There are tons of addons that give you a better experience, but it’s kind of a pain to find them and configure them to your liking. For some reason, WoW addons usually have configuration pages that contain millions of adjustments, and those make me want to cry when I open them. Why can’t the developer make the addon look good for me? Why do I have to do all the work of making it look good?

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