Lords of the Fallen

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  • Games Played – June 2019. 2019-07-01. Another super easy month to figure out. It was Bloodborne on the PS4. I basically only play one game at a time anymore, and have little interest in anything else until I finish with it. Bloodborne (PS4), ~50-60 hours. Time estimated by looking at how long I ran OBS Studio on my PC, which was 50 hours. However when I finished the game and entered New Game+ last night, the total save game time was 68 hours, but that extends a little bit into May as well.
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  • Games Played – July 2019. 2019-08-01. Ran out of steam on Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls and went back to PC games in July. PC Games Elder Scrolls Online, 7 hours. Wow, whodathunkkit. I found myself intrigued by the Zone Story in Rivenspire enough to keep logging in to go through it. Still haven’t finished it yet though. Now I’m distracted by the Steam backlog. Lords of the Fallen, 2 hours. This was my alternate game when my hands hurt from using the controller too much.
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  • January 2023 Bullets. 2023-01-01.

    It’s a new year, whoopie. Nothing particularly noteworthy to report.

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