Games Played – June 2019

239 words.

Another super easy month to figure out. It was Bloodborne on the PS4. I basically only play one game at a time anymore, and have little interest in anything else until I finish with it.

  • Bloodborne (PS4), ~50-60 hours. Time estimated by looking at how long I ran OBS Studio on my PC, which was 50 hours. However when I finished the game and entered New Game+ last night, the total save game time was 68 hours, but that extends a little bit into May as well. Silly consoles. Hard to measure game time accurately.
  • Lords of the Fallen (PC), 3 hours. Ah yes. I got this game in a Steam sale many, many years ago. There were days where I had to skip playing Bloodborne to rest my thumb, and on those days, I ventured into Lords of the Fallen again with mouse and keyboard. It’s the game that the Internet mercilessly mocks for daring to try to copy the Souls formula. It fell a bit short, but it’s not nearly as bad as the Internet would lead you to believe. Of all the games out there labelled “Souls-like,” it’s the only one I’ve seen that actually *is* Souls-like. Someday I might even finish it.
  • Final Fantasy XIV (PC), 2 hours. I played a whopping 2 hours of my one week of free time given to returning players. I definitely know how to take advantage of free stuff.

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