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  • Finding a Headset. 2021-05-01.

    Finding a microphone that can also be used for content creation (aka. makin’ vidyas) in a noisy room is challenging.

    • Gaming
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  • The Sound of Your Own Voice. 2021-07-06.

    I saw a tweet the other day that reminded me of a topic of interest to me for decades, and I’m almost positive I’ve never written a blog post about this, so it’s finally something new to write about: The sound of your own recorded voice.


  • On Music Posts. 2021-08-03.

    I have what I have to assume is an abnormal reaction to music posts.

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  • Feed Experiment. 2021-09-17.

    I’m experimenting with an idea I’ve had for a while, and that idea is to attach audio files to blog posts.

    • Development
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  • Video Essay - Making Game Videos. 2023-02-21.

    I’ve been uploading game videos to my YouTube channel for about eight years now, and as my first foray into video essays, I decided to make a video about how I do it.

    • Gaming
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