GW2 – Gates of Magoo Can Bite Me

322 words.

Note: The following ragey invective was written after dying a number of times during the GW2 Living Story 2 instance Fallen Hopes which I had hoped would be a fun way to kill some time while waiting to go to a doctor’s appointment. It was not. However, I have since completed it and moved on with my life.

There is not much room to maneuver in here, and Marjory and Kasmeer are NO HELP AT ALL.

This is a super-short note about Guild Wars 2: Gates of Magoo, or whatever it’s called, regarding the INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING story instance Fallen Hopes. I feel little or no desire to continue seeing a story unfold when I have to dodge super-strong area attacks all the time in a claustrophic environment that is so cluttered with rocks and logs that I can’t move around enough to dodge said attacks, thereby requiring me to die constantly, then leave said instance, find a repair guy in a totally different zone, then return to Dry Top, puzzle my way through a stupid, time-wasting jumping puzzle using stupid aspects that I hated the first time I saw them a year ago but are now inexplicably back to needlessly wipe out our ability bars and complicate our gaming, back to the entrance to the Fallen Hopes instance, where I then have to re-play endless scripted events and dialog that were only barely amusing the first time, and downright hair-ripping-outingly bad the second time when you can’t skip past them, only to get to the same super-strong area attacks that kill you again, so you can repeat the unpleasant experience again and again and again, just so you can see a stupid new Living Story. WHY DO I HAVE TO BE A LEET GAMER JUST TO SEE A STORY. STORIES ARE NOT GAMES. GAMES ARE GAMES. STORIES ARE STORIES. STORIES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ACCESSIBLE.


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