WoW – 87 of 90 – Jade Forest Continued

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Since I’m now pretty sure I’m going to hit 90 well before Draenor comes out (I’m guessing it will be late Fall at the earliest, but I hear mutterings that it may not even make it out by December), I no longer feel the need to rush to maximize my leveling. So I’ve stuck around in the Jade Forest doing “low” level (85) quests so I can complete the whole zone, rather than rushing ahead to the higher level zones. Still, I hit level 87 before I completed the entire Jade Forest. Has anyone noticed that leveling is really fast in WoW?

They turned pandaren children into jade statues! This cannot stand!

It feels like there is a lot more “story” going on in Pandaria than anywhere else. I’m actually interested in listening to what these high-functioning alcoholic bears have to say, and not just clicking through the quest text. And the NPCs seem like they talk to each other a lot more than any other zone I remember.

I’m happy to say that I’m more-or-less back to killing mobs in less than 2 seconds, now that I’ve gotten a full batch of Pandaria quest gear. I’m still grounded though. I finally bought Artisan flying, but I haven’t found a vendor yet that will allow me to fly in Pandaria, so I have no idea how much that will cost. By the way, is there no other way to get flying mounts besides reputation vendors? My gnome really needs one of those helicopter thingys but I have no idea where to get one. (Late breaking news: It turns out I won’t be able to fly in Pandaria until I get to level 90?)

I’m not super happy about getting a lot of useless “fun” items filling up my inventory space. Like trinkets that throw carrots and watermelons and raccoons around. I don’t really want to get rid of them because their kind of funny, but my bag space is back to being very precious. And of course in the WoW tradition, getting to a bank and back is an ordeal.

So I was queuing for a dungeon on another character, and I noticed that the “Scenarios” and “Looking for Raid” tabs opened up at level 85. “Oh,” I thought. “I have a character that is level 87! I should check those out!” But when I went to look at them with my Hunter, it said there wasn’t anything available for me until level 90. What’s up with that? False advertising, that’s what!

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