WoW – Yeah, You Read That Right

346 words.

There’s WildStar to play, right? So of course I spent a big chunk of time over the weekend playing … wait for it … World of Warcraft. I have about ten days left on a subscription so I figured why not use it. I leveled my Hunter from level 72 to 75 with plain old PvE questing. It now seems quite plausible to level up to 90 before WoD comes out. Especially when it seems like everything you touch fills up 5% of your experience bar. In other words, leveling in the WotLK zones feels a lot faster than it was in the BC zones. (But then I’m making no attempt to finish all the quests I find now.)

This is how it usually is for me and WoW. One day I decide, “Hey I want to play some WoW,” so I subscribe for a month (or three months in the last case). I play for a week or so before realizing that WoW is a great game and all, but it’s also kind of a boring grind, and my attention goes elsewhere. Then I forget to unsubscribe from WoW for one or more billing cycles, until I finally remember to cancel the sub. Then as the sub is winding down and I’m about to lose access, I start playing it again because “why not use it.” Then I think, “I should subscribe again while I’m interested in playing.” And here we are.

So yeah, not only am I think about subscribing again (for a month this time!), but I’m also thinking about pre-ordering Warlords of Draenor. Because, you know, a free level 90 character is nothing to sneeze at. I would most likely use it on my Mage, who is 60.

In other news, I quested my Esper up to level 29 in WildStar. I’ve out-leveled my current place in Whitevale and right now I’m just doing Zone or World Story quests, or Scientist mission thingys. I stopped trying to PUG the Ruins of Kel Voreth, so I guess I’ll just never finish that one.

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