Landmark et al – Take My Money!

209 words.

Here’s my feedback to SOE regarding Landmark’s proposed monetization plans: Hey can I just pay you and not get spammed with advertising for potions and costumes? That would be super. Oh, and by the way I already paid you. Maybe factor that into your plans, too.

Also, are you ever planning to increase the percentage of your game that is finished? It’s been at 60% now for a month. (Okay, that probably wasn’t fair. But I still think it’s ridiculous to claim that Landmark is anywhere near 60% finished.)

Previously I was pretty ambivalent about free-to-play, but now I’m really starting to dislike it as a business model. I like Rift, but I really don’t care to hear about the new mounts in the cash shop every week. I like GW2, but I really don’t care about what’s new in the gem store (I know GW2 technically isn’t f2p but it might as well be). I like Neverwinter, but I don’t like having to close a spammity spam-spam window every time I log in (I don’t even know what’s in it).

It’s so refreshing to play FFXIV and just be able to play. Same with WoW. I can’t wait for ESO’s and WildStar’s subscription models. Pleeeeease. Take my money!

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