GW2 – Feature Pack

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My reaction to the upcoming GW2 Feature Pack: Why the heck did we have to wait until after the Living Story to get these things?? Most of what I’ve read falls into the category of “it probably should have been like that in the first place.”

The Wardrobe and Dye changes sound awesome. I have occasionally tried to figure out what to do with all the various “skins” I’ve picked up, but I don’t have a clue. I’m afraid I’m going to accidentally delete them or apply them wrong somehow. I don’t have very many, and they’re all mismatched pieces from various sets anyway. Having this Wardrobe system will make it way easier to deal with that stuff. (I hope.)

The biggest problem with these changes is that I don’t play GW2 enough to appreciate them. :/ If it had been out in 2012 I would have been raving about it every day, along with all the other super cool things in GW2. I could start a new alt but I already have an alt for every class and race. And now that I know what awaits me at level 80 (nothing) there is little or no point in leveling an alt all the way to 80.

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