ESO – Almost Here

198 words.

Holy crap, ya’ll! The Early Access for ESO is almost here! It’s a 5-day head start, and that’s just a couple of days away!

I’m trying to think back to the last MMO I played at or before the actual launch day. Was it Rift? Maybe it was Guild Wars 2, but I don’t think so. I think it was Rift. That was like 2011. Good lord. That was ages ago.

Actually, in all my MMO time, I’ve only played on a launch day a few times. Asheron’s Call. Warhammer Online. Rift. Now ESO. Later, WildStar.

No matter what the long-term prospects for an MMO are, launch day is a giddy time for all. The servers never work right. The game is up and down. The quests are glitched. There’s a new patch every time you log in. The forums are overflowing with rage-quitters who want their money back. Area chat is filled with people asking which class is most viable for endgame. Google is full of “me first” guides and databases that will become obsolete within a month. Most of all there are crowds in the starter zones. Big, big crowds.

Has anyone seen the quest NPC?

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