“168. Why is it hard for you to forgive yourself?”

Forgiveness - Blaugust Deep Dream Journal Day 1

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Forgiveness - Blaugust Deep Dream Journal Day 1

“168. Why is it hard for you to forgive yourself?”

In the dream, I saw a pair of deer in the woods. I asked them, “Why is it hard to forgive yourself?”

The first deer said, “That’s not an easy question to answer. Greater minds than us have pondered this for thousands of years.”

“But deer are at peace every time I see them, surely you must know.”

The second deer said, “We lead simple lives. We don’t concern ourselves with the foibles of humans.”

“So forgiveness is a weakness?”

The first deer said, “Not at all. Forgiveness is divine,” at the same time the second deer said, “Definitely. You must project strength to survive in these woods, no matter the cost.”

I pondered this. “I’ve done things I’m ashamed of. Shouldn’t I be held accountable?”

The first deer said, “Everyone makes mistakes. The wise person admits their mistakes and tries to do better next time, and pass that knowledge on to others.”

The second deer scoffed. “The cunning person never admits their mistakes. It’s the only way to stay ahead of the jackals.”

I shook my head. “But which is right?”

The deer startled at a noise. They gave no answer as they bounded away into the woods.

Well, that was a doozy of a random writing prompt to get on the first day, which made me immediately question my Blaugust strategy. Image source: One of hundreds of photos of deer that wander through my back yard year round.

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