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  • Genshin Impact (PS4). 2020-10-04. This will probably be my only post on Genshin Impact, the hot new MMO everyone is talking about. It was kind of fun. But not because of the game. I derived the most enjoyment from making up my own dialog to go against the NPC dialog. Since, for some incomprehensible reason-I guess JRPG tradition-you have to press X after every NPC line, there is plenty of opportunity to inject yourself into every scene.
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  • Genshin Impact (PS4), In My Own Words. 2020-10-05. Ha! Here’s one more post about Genshin Impact. I copied the (100% unedited) transcript from my video down below. I had hoped I could do that in the last post, but it apparently takes a day for YouTube to think about the video and make the automatic transcript. The transcript also includes the NPC dialog, which is kind of a bummer. I still wish I had a tool that I could run my microphone track through to automatically create a transcript like this.
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  • Resident Evil 3 Demo. 2020-10-19. I tried out the Resident Evil 3 remake demo on the PS4 the other day. It looks nice, but the gameplay is brutal. It takes three headshots to kill a zombie, and about a dozen non-headshots if your aim is as bad as mine, so you run out of bullets in about 10 seconds flat, and then have to either run away or use the knife. The knife is not a very effective weapon.
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