Genshin Impact (PS4)

288 words.

This will probably be my only post on Genshin Impact, the hot new MMO everyone is talking about.

It was kind of fun. But not because of the game. I derived the most enjoyment from making up my own dialog to go against the NPC dialog. Since, for some incomprehensible reason-I guess JRPG tradition-you have to press X after every NPC line, there is plenty of opportunity to inject yourself into every scene.

I played for 50 minutes and concluded it’s not the kind of game I want right now. It’s just not worth the risk of enslaving my computing devices into the cryptocurrency mining botnet for the Chinese government. (Note: Outrageous conspiracy for humorous effect only.)

Here’s the video, because writing sucks. And my back hurts today.

I spent a bunch of time updating my ffmpeg scripts to precisely and professionally black out my UID in the corner, then I uploaded the wrong video with the UID right there. Not sure why they did that for a game that’s not under an NDA, as far as I know, but I’m sure it’s not a reason I would approve of.

P. S.

That note at the start of the PS4 version appears to be a straight-up, bald-faced lie. There is no way to unlink or delete accounts on their web site. (And you have to create an account first to find out, so don’t use a password you’ve used before because I’m sure they just send it straight over to the Ministry of State Security in plain text. Note: Outrageous conspiracy still used for comedic effect. But yeah, this game has had massive red flags from day one. Get it? Red flags? Ha! Geopolitical humor is the best.)

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