Week End – Thorny Battle

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In The News

Nobody is talking about anything except World of Warcraft’s “War of Thorns” event. It’s either the greatest thing ever, or the worst thing ever, or some variation in between, depending on where you look.

However, some people are talking about the newest update to No Man’s Sky. I’ve been tempted to get this game forever, but I’m really hesitant to get a game so dependent on procedurally-generated worlds, even at a discounted Steam price of $30. I didn’t care for Trove’s procedurally-generated worlds too much.

The Fractured Kickstarter successfully funded. They now have enough money to pay their 5 full-time employees a living wage for about, what, 3 or 4 months? Plenty of time to polish up an ambitious, full-featured MMORPG! Anyhoo, maybe the standard of living is different in Italy.

My Week

I logged into unsubscribed, free WoW to see if Teldrassil was burning for us plebs and … it wasn't.

My hands are slightly better, but nowhere near 100%. I remain baffled about their condition. I have a doctor’s appointment Monday, the main purpose of which, previously, was simply to get a referral to see a cataract specialist so that insurance will cover it, but I’m now rather hoping to get some x-rays or another referral to a hand specialist or something because this is pretty ridiculous.

Friday is when I see the cataract specialist, who will presumably setup a time to remove it. (I would also be somewhat curious to hear some theories on how I got a cataract in the first place.)

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