MMO News Reactions 5

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A series of short reactions to the week’s MMORPG stories, otherwise known as “just about giving up on blogging” because I can’t be bothered to write long posts lately.

Sorry about last week’s post. I was scrolling through Twitter last Friday and much to my own surprise I found that I’d posted something to my blog without even looking at it or setting a header image or anything. This time I will refrain from scheduling this to post right after creating the draft!_


Camelot Unchained to announce beta date. An announcement to announce an upcoming announcement… funny stuff. The beta date will have been released by the time this post publishes, but I’m not going to include it just to be spiteful. It’s unlikely I will be playing the beta anyway. I’m curious to see the game but it’s obviously not a game meant for people like me, who don’t want other people to be the main content in their games.

Ashes of Creation released some alpha gameplay video. My first draft of this post had a whole lot more negative words here, but I’m editing it way down to just this: I didn’t think the game looked very good, and I’m shocked that they released that video. (I watched it with the sound off, so that the streamers’ enthusiasm wouldn’t influence me-take that, influencers!)

Project Gorgon will only be playable through Steam. Bummer. Still waiting to hear the price.

Hawaii congressman talks about regulating loot boxes. This news seems to be generating some excitement in the blogosphere. My reaction is as before. It’s either a) feel-good legislation that has no impact (labels, which puts the enforcement burden on parents, where it should already be), or b) unenforceable laws that have no impact (can’t sell loot boxes to minors-publishers will simply add an “are you over 21?” checkbox to the purchase page to absolve themselves of liability).

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