Flipping The Tables For Blaugust

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I’ve belatedly decided to officially participate in the Blaugust extravaganza. I wasn’t going to because frankly I didn’t think I’d be able to write 31 posts in August. (I still don’t think I will.) But late this past week I stumbled upon some information that I completely missed the first time: You don’t actually have to write 31 posts to participate. I figure that even in my crippled state I should be able to manage five or ten posts.

Of course I’m still going to try to write 31 posts because hyper-competitiveness hehe.

My second reason for jumping in is to field test a new writing process. I’ve become disillusioned with the way my blog is right now. There are maddening technical problems, I’m bored with the format of the posts, and the subjects aren’t that interesting to me. And on top of that, it takes me a long time to write the posts. Classic signs of burnout. So I’m taking this opportunity to “flip the table” so to speak, try something completely different, and see what happens. That’s my primary goal for this Blaugust.

Whenever I approach a writing challenge like this, I try to set a goal that’s above and beyond just “finishing.” Otherwise it’s likely to end in disappointment for me. I learned that from NaNoWriMo a long time ago.

With any luck, you, the reader, won’t notice anything except shorter posts, somewhere in the area of 300 words or less. I will likely abandon images, too, as that is a big time sink for me. Cutting down the production time as much as possible is a primary goal.

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