Blaugust Reborn Is Happening

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Belghast is rebooting Blaugust, so head on over there for all the details (and here for more details). All the cool kids are doing it. I probably won’t be able to participate formally, but I’m sure I’ll post something during the month and I’ll cheer everyone on from the sidelines.

This is a screenshot of a cryptic book from Secret World Legends, which is supposed to sort of vaguely remind one of the topic of blogging when one doesn't have any better images around.

I’m hoping* to get cataract surgery sometime in August, which I’m just going to go out on a limb and guess will probably impact my ability to write for some indeterminate time period. Said cataract (in my right eye) is already making it quite difficult to look at text on a computer screen, and it’s getting worse by the month. I have to use a super massive font size and moderate my time lest I become nauseous or get a massive headache. So I don’t really want to commit to any kind of posting schedule until that’s resolved.

I kind of doubt anyone’s following me that isn’t already following one or more of the others involved, but in case there is someone, go start a blog!

* “Hoping” is not really the right word there. But anyway the exact date depends on how quickly it can be scheduled in a way that will please the almighty insurance company overlords.

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