Week End – Defiance 2050 I guess?

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In The News

Of course the big controversy of the week was that whole thing with ArenaNet and the influencer and the two writers, which I won’t rehash here. I kind of wish I hadn’t said anything yesterday, because it was “too soon.” I only meant to say I felt kind of guilty about having just written a scathing post about the game. Maybe I’ll revisit it in a few weeks, because I do think there are a lot of different lessons to be learned from the entire catastrophe.

Defiance 2050 headstart began. I keep meaning to check the game out, since I had a handful of fun hours in the old game.

I only bought Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics in the Steam sale for a grand total of like $6. I played Fallout 1 for a total of about an hour before realizing it’s probably better if I just remember it as a great game.

Otherwise I don’t recall seeing much of interest this week.

My Week

Demon's Souls, The Nexus

My week in gaming has been extremely annoying because I’ve been trying very hard to avoid controllers and WASD games, and that leaves basically nothing at all interesting to play. A lot of mouse-only games are not all that fun as it turns out. By Wednesday, as I noticed my stupid hands not getting better nearly as fast as I wanted, I realized that the no-gaming exercise is completely pointless if I don’t also cut out typing on my stupid PC “gaming keyboard” as well. So I’ve been doing a lot of sitting in a stupid chair completely passively staring at a stupid television, stewing about how I wish I could do stuff but I can’t because I have to stupid wait because my stupid body is stupid breaking down from stupid aging and it stupid takes stupid longer to stupid heal. This morning, Saturday, a week later, my hands are better but I’m still determined to try to get through two more days without much gaming or typing which I guess means I’m going to have to find and binge-watching something this weekend.

Consequently the Dark Souls Remastered Casual Nostalgia Tour will halt after I upload episode 125, until I feel like I can continue fighting Manus without physically hurting myself hehe. (I’ve been killed about a dozen times so far, which is where I left off last Friday night.)

I did manage to play about an hour of Demon’s Souls on the PS3 during the week though. It’s fun. It’s almost like the prototype concept of Dark Souls, except they sold it as its own game. It only runs at seemingly about 10 fps on my PS3 though, which is not particularly satisfying for an action game. I started to setup the PC PS3 emulator but I don’t have a compatible Blu-ray drive and the hoops you have to jump through to copy a PS3 game disc to a PC from the PS3 itself is just insane.

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