MMO Roundup #8

415 wc

Now I’m trying to work out why WordPress keeps using old images when it posts these things to Twitter. I think it’s because I was using a “Clone Post” plugin to make these posts. So I’m making this one from scratch.

Seeing as how there is a game-breaking bug that prevents me from continuing to play it, I’ve abandoned Kingdom Come: Deliverance until whichever decade Warhorse decides to release the 1.3 patch for the PC.

So Wednesday was launch day for RIFT Prime. It was also the day I found out my recent vision problems are caused by a cataract in my right eye, which no, is not normal for my age, but yes, is a major problem considering my entire life revolves around being able to focus on and read text on computer screens. I’ll be seeing a specialist to decide what to do about it. (Not that I have much choice… it’s either surgery or give up computers for the rest of my life.)

Anyway, after saying for weeks that RIFT Prime was going to be dumb, naturally I used some gems to buy a 15-day Patron pass to play it. (Trion would like you to believe you need to subscribe to play, but you don’t.) Bhagpuss was right: It’s been fun seeing the entire server in the same zone doing incredibly laggy events and rifts, but I expect the novelty will wear off very soon.

Exploiters gonna exploit. Screenshot taken at 16:29 EST, or roughly 3 1/2 hours after launch, shortly before the server suddenly went down. :)

Defiance 2050 is coming soon from Trion. This was relatively cool news. I like Defiance, actually. I don’t play it much, but I enjoy it when I’m playing it. It’s a low-pressure third-person shooter, not a bad game for the $20-ish investment I put in way back in the beginning.

GW2’s Living World Season 4, Episode 2 launched March 5. This was a very stealthy launch to me. The last thing I remember hearing was that they had delayed it. The next thing I saw was the article linked above with a review of it. Huh? I didn’t see any other teasers, trailers, or announcements. Perhaps they are embarrassed about the title.

Project Gorgon will arrive on Steam “next week.” Still no word on price. I’m in a bit of an “all games are boring” and “everything about everything sucks” mood right now so I don’t know if I’ll actually be playing it then.

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