Monthly Recap – April 2018

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_I’m altering the format for this post a bit. Previously I just recorded the games I’d been playing, for no discernible reason. Now I’m going to add in a bunch of cross-media promotion so people have an even bigger reason to skip it.


My ESO Nightblade in Glenumbra - another example of how screenshots look awful during most games' night cycle.

Games Played

  • Elder Scrolls Online, 24 hours. The surprise winner this month. Most of this time went into playing the Morrowind story, once to record, and a second time through on my Templar to gain another level (from 47 to 48!). I also gained a couple of levels for my Nightblade (up to 20!), nearing the end of the Glenumbra zone.
  • Secret World Legends, 14 hours. I finished up the Black Sun, Red Sand quest line in Egypt and took a break. I am recording all of my play time but I’m finding that, other than the cut scenes, SWL really isn’t all that interesting to watch. It’s not like there’s a lot of strategy involved in the combat (“Watch as I nimbly click the left mouse button over and over again. Just like last time. And the time before.”)
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance, 7 hours. I finished the story and have not launched the game a single time since.
  • Pool Nation, 4 hours. This is a game I play when I’m really engrossed in a television show or movie but still can’t stand just sitting around doing nothing but watching a television screen.
  • Guild Wars 2, 3 hours. I finished up the Living World Season 4, Episode 2, A Bug in the System. Video uploads pending.
  • Oblivion, 2 hours. Slowly working on finishing the main story videos.

Incidentally, I typically don’t report anything I played for an hour or less, so, for example, while I did technically play Dungeons and Dragons Online in April, I didn’t play enough to make the list.


Four more episodes of the Fallout 4 story were uploaded in April.

RSS Feed

I found the checkbox that enabled the media player in my podcast posts, so you can actually play the episodes by going to those links now. (You should start at Episode 1, though.)


My Channel - RSS Feed of My Channel

I’m continuing my goal of uploading a few hours of video every week to the service that everyone else is abandoning in droves.

Next Month: More Oblivion, the ESO Morrowind series, the GW2 Living World Season 4, Episode 2 series. Maybe Secret World Legends?

Now I see why people don’t do this very often-it’s a massive pain to gather all these media links together into one place. It’s surprisingly difficult to get the link to my own YouTube videos without actually playing each one of them.

Incidentally, why don’t YouTube channels have RSS feeds? Even when I’m subscribed to channels I have no idea when they release new stuff.

UPDATE: You actually can get an RSS feed of a YouTube channel, if you work at it.

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