Games Played – September 2018

296 wc

Even with a week and a half of down time from cataract surgery, I still managed to play a few games this past month.

  • The Witcher (Enhanced Edition), 39 hours. This is what I spent most of my gaming time doing after World of Warcraft and before surgery, and a little bit afterward to finish up the story. This is the first time I’ve finished the whole game. It got kind of weird at the end.
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition, 5 hours. I restarted this a number of times with different classes, trying to find something to play after WoW. But it didn’t stick (again).
  • World of Warcraft, 5 hours. The last bit before I lost interest. I don’t think I logged in for the last week of my subscription time. See you in two years for the next expansion, WoW!

One problem with console gaming is that I don’t know where to find statistical data showing how much I played on the PS4. But I would guess I played 6 or 7 hours of The Last of Us (Remastered) this month.

After finishing The Witcher I have nothing concrete on my gaming agenda, except plugging away at The Last of Us a little bit at a time as my thumb allows. I had intended to play The Witcher 2, but I’m a bit burned out from the first one. I should continue Dark Souls Remastered, but I need to practice and I’m not feeling particularly psyched up for that, and I’m still worried about the continued health of my thumb. I’m trying to restrict my time on controllers. Otherwise I’m not sure what to do with my gaming time. I can’t think of any new RPGs to look forward to for the rest of 2018, either.

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