Games Played – August 2018

387 wc

The first story thing WoW gave me to do upon reaching level 120 was to go to this Zandalar desert to assassinate some Horde NPCs.

I completely forgot to say this in my huge missive yesterday: Blaugust seemed like a great success, congratulations to everyone who participated! Huge thanks to Belghast and all the mentors for pulling all of that together. To all the new bloggers, great job! It doesn’t matter if you posted every day or not. If you keep going, that’s fantastic, but if you need to take a break, that’s fine too. Every blogger has a different pace that their comfortable with. There’s no wrong way to do it.

My hands have improved considerably since last month, although I’m still a bit nervous about touching a game controller with my left thumb, which remains somewhat stiff and weak. In any case I can handle WASD games again for the most part (I still tend to tap the spacebar for jumping with my left forefinger instead of my left thumb though, which is terribly inefficient).

Not surprisingly, World of Warcraft dominated my August, although I didn’t really play it that much, compared to other games I’ve really liked. I can recall months where I played Final Fantasy XIV, for example, for over a hundred hours. I can attribute the shortish playing time partially to my mild thumb handicap, but the main reason is that Battle for Azeroth just hasn’t drawn me in that much. I had a lot more fun way back in those Legion pre-launch invasions.

  • World of Warcraft. 41 hours. No surprise here, Battle for Azeroth was effectively the only game I launched after August 14th. Not much else happens in the MMORPG world for the first few weeks that there’s a WoW expansion in the wild. (At least nothing that anyone notices hehe.)
  • Diablo III. 4 hours. Early in the month I played through the free Starter edition on a Barbarian character.
  • EverQuest II. 4 hours. Something to pass the time earlier in the month.
  • Company of Heroes 2. 1 hour. First time I played it after having it in my Steam library for years. I liked the first one better. I forgot to write a post about it hehe.
  • Path of Exile. 1 hour. Mostly just to compare with Diablo III.

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