Fallout 4 Podcast Completed

244 words.

I uploaded the last episode of my Fallout 4 podcast yesterday. It took me a while to get the concluding episode out due to injuring my hand and cataract surgery and, frankly, a bit of malaise, but it’s finally done.

Here is the series page, though it displays the episodes in reverse order. It’s a serial podcast, so it’s better if you start at the first one.

In all there are 21 episodes for a total of about 5 hours of listening. As a body of work, I’m quite proud of it. It’s a great story (well, mostly), but it’s also the most complicated piece of audio engineering I’ve completed in quite some time. I wrote a number of scripts and figured out a lot of FFMPEG command-line options to streamline the processing of each episode.

I initially had visions of doing other seasons for other games, but I don’t think I’ll do anything like this again. It was a lot of work, and you know how people on the Internet are about artistic endeavors: Utterly uncaring. :) I didn’t get a single comment on it, good, bad, or indifferent. (Which can be interpreted as nothing less than a desperate cry for attention.)

I can see myself using the knowledge and experience from making this podcast in some other kinds of audio productions in the future though. I’ve always wanted to put together something like a radio drama. I just need a good script.

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