Games Played – October 2018

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Very old GW2 shot from my media library because my back hurts too much to sit at my PC to find a new one, and this post has been sitting here for a week waiting to post and I'm tired of waiting.

October was a slow PC gaming month, partially due to back pain making it hard to sit at in the computer chair to play games, and partially due to a lack of games that interest me right now.

  • Guild Wars 2, 7 hours. The big burst of MMORPG activity for the month, where I caught up with the latest Living World episode.
  • The Witcher 2, 6 hours. I finished The Witcher 1 last month, so I went and installed the second one. It’s my primary PC game as of this writing. (By which I mean I play like an hour a week as my back allows hehe.)
  • Bless Online, 1 hour. My first look at the game. Haven’t had a chance to return.
  • 7 Days To Die, 1 hour. I pull this game out now and then when I can’t think of anything else to play.
  • MapleStory2, 1 hour. Rounding up a bit here, from my first look. I actually launched it a couple more times to try it again, but the load time is so long that I get distracted before it’s playable.

On the other hand, it’s been an outrageously active PlayStation 4 gaming month:

  • The Last Of Us (Remastered), at least 10 hours.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn, at least 5 hours.

Well, it’s pretty active for me. Unfortunately I have no way to record how long I play PS4 games. Those numbers are how much video I recorded in October. Unfortunately for every hour I play a PS4 game, I need about a day of recovery time for my thumb.

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