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  • Snap Judgment – MapleStory 2. 2018-10-11. But I have to admit there is something deeply funny about questing in a business suit. MapleStory 2 is one of those MMOs that I never would have looked at twice, except that there’s nothing else to look at right now. See previous post lamenting the pitiable dearth of MMORPGs. The last Nexon game I played was Riders of Icarus, which I did not think much of. I even downloaded and tried it again yesterday, and I still didn’t like it.
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  • Games Played – October 2018. 2018-11-05. Very old GW2 shot from my media library because my back hurts too much to sit at my PC to find a new one, and this post has been sitting here for a week waiting to post and I'm tired of waiting. October was a slow PC gaming month, partially due to back pain making it hard to sit at in the computer chair to play games, and partially due to a lack of games that interest me right now.
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