Day Two Without Cataract

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Day two of life after cataract surgery was perfectly fine. I went to my followup appointment this morning, where the doctor barely even looked at me before letting me go again. They apparently don’t worry too much about people my age  recovering from cataract surgery. But in any case the technician checked my eyeball pressure and I could read the eye chart at I think it was 20/30 through the bionic lens already.

The only problems I have is that I’ve been wearing sunglasses inside all day because light hurts my eye (figures the sun would come out for the first time in forever right after my surgery), and I can’t really focus on anything within about six feet of my face right now, which makes using a computer pretty annoying. I can see the monitor, it’s just that everything’s kind of blurry and swimmy unless I physically cover my right eye. Supposedly it will take up to a month for my “new” eye to fully heal (at which time I can seek a new prescription for glasses), although they told me that since I’m relatively young for cataracts, I would probably bounce back faster. Still it’s kind of a chore to use a computer, and definitely too much work to find images for these blog posts.

But weirdly enough at the same time my distance vision went from non-existent to amazing overnight. It’s like getting used to a new pair of glasses. Everything is brighter and crisper, but also just slightly distorted. I can see through the window to the house across the street better than I can the monitor in front of me. Hopefully that gets better. But at least I won’t need to look through my camera’s viewfinder to see the deer in the back yard.

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