Day Three

181 words.

The eye continues to improve. Computer screen text is getting clearer, and sunlight doesn’t hurt as much. The “new” eye wears out quickly though in front of the computer. It starts to twitch, as one’s eyes do after reading a long time. (At least my eyes do.) It just starts happening within about five minutes. So I’m staying away from the computer except for short periods.

Earlier in the year, I found that with the cataract, dark themes (white-on-black text) were easier to read, but since the surgery I’ve found the exact opposite.

It’s a bit strange to have eyes with two different focal lengths. My left eye (the unaffected one) is still near-sighted. My right eye (the fixed one) is much more far-sighted now. They told me to expect that. Human eyes gradually become more far-sighted as you age up until about 60. The cataract-replacement lens is built to be as far-sighted as a 60-year-old. Which makes sense because normally you don’t get cataract surgery until after 60. I was definitely the youngest person in the surgery center on Tuesday.

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