Cataract Removed

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Just a very brief post to say the cataract surgery went well, and the procedure did in fact take about 10 minutes. I felt nothing, saw nothing, heard almost nothing except some classic rock tunes on a radio somewhere. Most of the time was spent signing consent forms, waiting for dilation drops to take effect (they dosed me three different times with dilation drops which lasted all day), and putting an IV in my arm for a sedative. I don’t think I ever lost consciousness, however my memory of the actual procedure is a bit hazy and I was a bit wobbly for a little while. If the procedure hadn’t been explained to me beforehand, I would have had no idea what they did. I can’t logically explain it but I couldn’t see or feel a thing except some colors and shapes in my vision for a few minutes. I never even saw the doctor who did the procedure. I can only presume they put something over my eye(s) to limit my vision, but I have no memory of that. Anyway then they wheeled me out, put a clear plastic shield over the eye, unhooked everything, and I was outta there. I go back tomorrow morning for them to check everything, and that’s it.

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