FFXIV – The Rising Event

220 words.

Hard to believe it’s been four years since The Calamity.

I don’t normally care that much about these anniversary or holiday events, but when I saw the wind-up Gosetsu I knew that I had to have him. Not that I ever take out minions in the game or anything. It’s just the principle of the thing.

I had it in my head that The Rising wouldn’t be starting until after the Tuesday patch, but this morning (Sunday) I logged in and everybody was talking about it, so I went to Ul’dah and sure enough there was the NPC. It was a brief event, as all FFXIV events are, and the word jumble password thing was fairly annoying, but at the end I got my precious Gosetsu wind-up!

Apparently Square Enix will also be doing a 14-hour live stream event. I might have watched it if they had committed to a 16-hour event, but I just can’t be bothered for a pitiful little 14-hour thing. It’s like they aren’t even trying!

I am still doing very little in FFXIV, by the way. My main activity is running Retainer missions, then Adventure Squadron missions. I have no idea what the purpose of Squadrons are (other than burning excess Company Seals), but it’s fun to make them do pushups in the barracks. :)

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