WildStar – Trying Out The Classes

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Having pre-ordered, I used my first beta weekend in WildStar to figure out what I’m going to play at launch. I think my first character is going to be either a Warrior or an Esper. Probably Warrior, because it was the most fun. Those are the only two classes that “clicked” for me in the first three or four levels.

So far, ranged combat feels weird to me with the telegraph system. I didn’t think I would like any ranged class but the Esper felt tolerable I think because it actually forces you to stand still when you cast. It is no match for the fun of the sword-wielding Warrior class, though. (I didn’t try the Stalker but I assume it would also be fun.)

As for the paths, I liked the Settler and Scientist paths the best, and the Soldier and Explorer paths the least. I will probably do Warrior+Settler and Esper+Scientist.

The factions and races don’t matter that much to me.

Side note: People criticise WildStar for over-sexualizing the females, but to me they looked … deformed. They were so crazily proportioned that they did not look even remotely human, as if they had been subjected to the demented experiments of a mad plastic surgeon. It was the same for the men. Speaking just for me, there is no danger of mistaking any of them for real.

Anyway now that I’ve scoped out the classes and slaked my curiousity about the game, I don’t see any reason to play it any more until launch day.

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