Rift – Re-thinking the Solo 53 Warrior

270 words.

I thought maybe I could use this time before ESO launches to level another character in Rift up to 60. The lucky winner of my attention is a Dwarf Warrior, who is currently at 53 and wandering around the depressing, sickly, bruised blue-and-purple landscapes of Seratos.

It seemed like a great idea until I remembered that almost every single encounter ended with my health nearly depleted. I read once that the Storm Legion zones had been nerfed, but they don’t seem all that much easier to me. If I run a DPS build, I take so much damage that I have to stop after every encounter to heal. If I run a tank build, the encounters take so long that I still lose most of my health from being exposed for so long. The point is that I really miss soloing with the Harbinger-Chloromancer build which self-healed so much that I never had to stop - I could go from mob to mob at a dead run.

Of course, I still have a pre-Storm Legion attitude about playing Warrior. I have done little or nothing to re-optimize my Warrior souls or rotations since I came back after Storm Legion. When I came back to my Mage, I built a Harbinger and never looked back. Perhaps I need to go full Tempest to see if it has a corresponding awesomeness compared to the other Warrior souls.

Also, I think I need to do more Instant Adventures and pop a bunch of XP potions. Questing around the Storm Legion zones is a little dry. (One of the only bad things about Rift.)

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