WildStar – Headstart Screenshots

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Just some random screenshots from the WildStar Headstart weekend.

I started out playing a Spellslinger, thinking I would play an easy-mode ranged DPS class to tour all the dungeons, but I realized at level 8 that I was bored and disgruntled. I switched to an Esper, and started to have a lot more fun. It also helped to choose the Everstar Grove zone which I had not seen in beta.

Overall I think it was a very smooth launch, except maybe for the first few hours, but I was asleep when all the connectivity problems happened. :) Personally I haven’t seen any queues.

Hulk smash!

In case you thought only the Dominion side got to torture and kill test subjects...

Gassing of infected Mordesh. Well, at least they asked to be put out of their misery.

This was an "Event" instance. Like a Dungeon, but not a Dungeon, or an Adventure. Totally different things!

Hero shot next to a satellite dish.

My First Adventure: The Hycrest Insurrection, in which I did terrible, and may never recover from the psychic trauma. The six-side die subtly indicates that there is loot that requires a need/greed roll.

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