Warhammer Online Comes To An End

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I found out from all the gaming blogs that WarHammer Online is shutting down in December.

WAR ran for five years, which seems like a pretty decent run for any game. I was there at launch, struggling through the bugs and lack of content with everyone else. The biggest problem I remember was not being able to play for several days because my pre-ordered copy of the game was late and I couldn’t put in my game code. Other than that, I thought it was a pretty good MMO, but it was heavily focused on PvP, and that’s not really my thing, so I drifted away from it.

Here is what I originally wrote about it way back when:

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Reading back over those posts, maybe I didn’t think it was so great after all.

WAR did introduce the world to the concept of the public quest, which in my opinion has been a huge addition to the genre. For that alone they deserve a place in history. (I say introduced, but I really don’t know if they were the first to do it or not. They were the first that I saw, at least.) I also feel like they had a lot of good interface ideas that have become fairly common, like sorting and filtering your inventory.

It’s very tempting to download it, log in, and screenshot my characters one last time. :) Maybe they will do a cool end-of-the-world event or something.

P.S. I downloaded the client and tried to log in again, and that’s when I discovered it still requires a subscription to play. I grumbled a bit but I still wanted to see it. Unfortunately getting to my account in order to actually setup a subscription was so complicated that I eventually gave up. There are four different accounts mixed up all together now: A Warhammer account, a Mythic account, an EA account, and an Origin account. I couldn’t figure out which one I needed to get into to find a “subscribe” button, and I couldn’t remember my passwords to anything except the actual Warhammer login window. Multiple attempts at resetting my password led nowhere. (It let me set a new password, but then on the next screen where I’m supposed to login with that password, it wouldn’t accept the password!) Gah! No wonder they are shutting down. Nobody can figure out how to subscribe!

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