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  • Warhammer Online Comes To An End. 2013-10-21. I found out from all the gaming blogs that WarHammer Online is shutting down in December. WAR ran for five years, which seems like a pretty decent run for any game. I was there at launch, struggling through the bugs and lack of content with everyone else. The biggest problem I remember was not being able to play for several days because my pre-ordered copy of the game was late and I couldn’t put in my game code.
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  • Bye Warhammer!. 2013-12-19. Bye Warhammer! I wish I’d been able to log into you before you left, but your publisher apparently can’t manage simple things like letting people easily login and play you, even when you’re free. Gotta think that might have something to do with your departure. Anyway, you weren’t a bad game. Certainly better than EQ1 or AC which are inexplicably still running approximately fifty years later. Warhammer Online is the first MMORPG I’ve played a significant amount that shut down, and only the second MMORPG from which I’ve lost significant characters.
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  • Start of Year - January 2024 Part 1. 2024-01-15. The 2024th one. Baldur’s Gate 3 finished. Warhammer Rogue Trader started. Juggling CRPG videos. Taskmaster, New Zealand, Australia, and Guy Montgomery. A new cataract enters the ring.
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