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  • YouTube Buying Twitch. 2014-05-20. Google is buying Twitch, apparently. Or YouTube is buying Twitch. Or something. I don’t report news, I just talk about it. This seems like one of those “surprising but inevitable” plot resolutions that we aspiring authors are always told to strive for. At first you read it and think, “Whoa! Google is buying Twitch! No way!” Then a second later, you think, “Oh, of course Google is buying Twitch. We should have seen that coming a mile away.
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  • YouTube Data API. 2021-08-27.

    YouTube’s API is a pain.

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  • YouTube and Twitter APIs. 2021-09-02.

    An automated YouTube upload script is now working. Hopefully.

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  • Mid-November Bullets - Top of Mind. 2022-11-14.

    I’m all about throwing old traditions out the window because they don’t make sense anymore, so I present: The Mid-Month Update.

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  • A Busy Month - February, 2023. 2023-02-13.

    It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Also I need a better title for these kitchen sink posts.

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