Resident Evil

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  • Resident Evil 3 Demo. 2020-10-19. I tried out the Resident Evil 3 remake demo on the PS4 the other day. It looks nice, but the gameplay is brutal. It takes three headshots to kill a zombie, and about a dozen non-headshots if your aim is as bad as mine, so you run out of bullets in about 10 seconds flat, and then have to either run away or use the knife. The knife is not a very effective weapon.
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  • Mid-January Top of Mind 2023. 2023-01-16.

    An unexpectedly stressful start to the work year and a return to some gaming, instead of doing anything productive.

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  • Ignorance Is Strength - March 2023. 2023-03-15.

    It was so warm in February that flowers bloomed early and covered my car with pollen. But today we cower in fear of the Ides of March.

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  • Gen-Z Sleeper Agents - March 2023. 2023-03-31.

    It’s been a somewhat uneventful couple of weeks of mundane daily routine.

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