Mr. Harrigan's Phone (2022, John Lee Hancock)

167 words.

📚ðŸ‘ĶðŸ‘īðŸ“ąðŸŠĶ💀😐 I just happened to finish the audiobook this morning, and I just happened to notice there was a movie version. I didn’t expect it to be very good. Netflix doesn’t have a great reputation for original programming. They can afford great cameras and sets and effects, but they tend to scrimp on the writing and actors. Right away, this kid’s voiceover narration isn’t anywhere near as good as Will Patten’s narration in the audiobook. The younger kid actor is much better at reading than the older kid actor. This was a good example of a movie that was ruined for me by reading the book first. I found the movie quite dull, while I found the audiobook riveting. I doubt that I would have liked the movie even if I’d seen it first, but at least I might have wondered what was going to happen next. None of the acting performances in the movie were as good as Will Patten’s narrating of the audiobook. (Netflix.)

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